How to Create a Fail-Proof Weight Loss Plan

      What really matters when it comes to weight loss?  I can tell you this-  What you can do ‘perfectly’ for one day, has virtually no impact on weight loss in comparison to what you can do consistently.


Use these tips to ensure you’re working on making a change that sticks-

*If you are trying to lose weight, make a changes that make sense for your lifestyle.

 If you’re a busy parent feeding your family who doesn’t like to cook, it might not make sense for you to use lengthy and arduous recipes and meal plans. Find quick, easy, and healthy recipes!

* Make changes to the roadblocks that will make the biggest impact on your results.  They need to be established first. 

If you still drink 2 liters of cola a day, you probably don’t need to worry about the sugar content in your vegetables.
We call this ‘mowing your lawn, when your house is burning down’.  It’s easy to get distracted by all the health claims out there.  Stay focused on the big items that give you the most bang for your buck!

 *Make one small, habit-based change a time

You are more than twice as as likely to stick with a habit if you change only one thing at a time versus two.  Add three changes into the mix and you’re just adding a bunch of stress to your life, and very little, if any, sustainable change.  

  *Find Accountability 

I know it’s a New Year and we’re all excited about making some changes to healthy fresh start, but guess what?!  The kids are probably going to get sick.  You might go on a vacation or go to a party.  Work will likely get crazy busy again.  Life happens.  Find accountability to keep you on target when things aren’t easy.

*Shape your environment for success

Make it easy to follow your habits!  Keep the junk food in the garage or out of the house completely.  Have a veggie tray waiting for you in the fridge.  Keep the candy dish off your work desk.  

*Take Action

To change your weight you need to take action.  This is where you bring it all together.  Focusing on the key changes that need to happen to breed results.  Progressively make changes that resonate with your life.  

If you want help developing a plan that works for you and accountability to stick with it, consider the Strong Nutrition Program.  I’ll be there beside you for an entire year.  Systematically providing you with action steps to improve your health.  You just need to show up, I’ll provide the rest.  You will get everything you need to be successful.  Nutrition planning, exercise programming, accountability, and all the tools needed to gain control of your health and wellness.

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