It’s sum sum summer time!  That means there is an abundance of super yummy fruits and veggies popping up everywhere.  I admit, sometimes I get a little too excited and end up buying more than my family could ever possible eat.

Thankfully there is a great way to save your produce!  Freeze and use it in your summertime super shakes!  Most fruits and veggies can go straight into the freezer.  Here are a few tips:

*Be sure bananas, kiwis, and other fruits with a not-so-apatizing covering are peeled first before putting them in the freezer

*Remove stems and seeds as needed

* Cut your frozen produce into blender-friendly pieces before freezing

*Spinach and kale are great smoothie additions that add a lot of veggie punch without making it taste too…green.  So go ahead, take advantage of that bulk spinach deal you can get at Costco!  Just dump what you don’t use into a baggie and stick it in the freezer

*You can even put yogurt/applesauce or other softer items into ice cube trays to freeze for future super shakes!